Norton Sandblasting Equipment- Empire Rotary Head

Rotary Head for Blasting
Complex Geometries

In many applications, parts that require cleaning will have complex geometries in the design of the part. This becomes a challenge to achieve a clean part due to many angles and areas that can trap contaminants.

An example of a common application with complex geometries is cleaning airfoils. These airfoils are typically 3-4 vanes made into a single fabricated piece. The pitch of the blades and the proximity to each other makes it difficult to access all of the different faces.

Empire Abrasive

Airfoils in the cleaning process

Continuous Processing


The main blast cleaning technologies that are used in this application include linear oscillators and swing arm oscillators. In a linear oscillator, the part gets hit only one time. With swing arm oscillators the arm travels in an arc and goes left and right, still only getting one pass and hit at one angle.

However, by using a rotary head you get two passes; one on the leading edge and one on the trailing edge. This doubles the exposure time and the number of angles, plus the rotary head is rotating so you achieve complete 360 degree coverage.