Norton Sandblasting Equipment

Auto Head and Block Blaster


LSBH-4 Block & Head Blaster

- Basket length / diameter:..........................46" / 25.5"
- Model DC-2 dust collector: 2 HP
- Blast cleans eight heads or one block
- Will hold many sizes of parts that cannot be tumbled
- All steel cabinet construction
- Lined with abrasive resistant material and rubber for long life
- Dual balanced impeller wheel assemblies
- Dual 7.5 HP Lincoln TEFC impeller motors
- Superior cleaning action: While the basket turns, 2 impeller wheels throw
    shot in opposing direction and then reverses for even
    more complete coverage.
- Air operated door
- Door safety switch
- Sealed bearings with grease fittings
- Built in tumble cycle
- Basket is mounted on permanent heavy duty four bolt flange bearings
- Analog shot indicating amp meters
- Automatic cycle timer
- Fork lift moving support built into blaster
- Load basket from top or front
- Full load of abrasive media




Automotive Block and Head Blaster

* Other models available.