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Structural Blasters


How Do They Work?

During blasting, abrasive media falls at a measured rate through the feeder spout into the blast wheel. The rotating blast wheel picks up the media and accelerates it, creating a blast stream that makes contact with the metal surface. Through the continuous flow of the abrasive media, the metal object is methodically stripped of rust and surface imperfections.

Structural steel moves over the conveyor as blasting media is propelled at a controlled, continuous rate set for a desired cleaning standard. Blasting is the most effective and efficient method for removing rust and scale from structural steel shapes and steel plates.

Structural Blasters

All Machines Include...
- Standard widths:....24", 42", 48", 60"
- Standard heights:...24", 36", 48", 60"
- Roller conveyor, monorail, mag belt, or
    combination machines available
- Long vestibules for better shot containment
- Extended augar and trays to convey shot from or on parts back
- Automatic shot storage and control
- Roller conveyor on 18", 21", 36", or 42" centers
- Optional 3/8" or 1/2" magnesium cabinet and wear plates
     and/or custom chrome wear plates
- 1/4" manganese alloy steel blast cabinet
    construction with 3/8" mag wear plates
- Pitless design - No foundation work required
- Manganese alloy wear plate liner
-Impellers drives available from 10 to 40 HP
- Single pass operation
- 360 degree blast coverage
- Adjustable speed allows a range of finishes
- Full load of abrasive media included
- Conveyor extensions for loading and unloading
- Variable speed reversing conveyor drive
- Air wash separator

structural blaster picture


Optional Accessories
- Automatic part sensing system
- Automated loading and
     unloading system
- Rotary screen media separator
- Compressed air or sonic
    blower shot removal
- Special shot removal for larger parts


Norton Sandblasting Equipment offers not only machines for standard structural shapes, but also for special shapes and parts which require a detailed knowledge of shot profiles, patterns, and shot containment. Even special profile blasters for aircraft or other parts are available.

NEMA rated electrical enclosures, Cutler Hammer Controls, and wear resistant plate materials, means your LS blaster will be low maintenance, long-lasting and cost efficient to operate.


pipe blaster picture

Pipe Blaster

steel plate blaster picture

Steel Plate Blaster