Pro Finish Options - Norton Sandblasting Equipment

Standard Options

Blast Cabinet Rubber Curtains

Extended Wear Components

Extended-wear components increase service life in an aggressive or high-productive environment. These components are normally very cost-effective because they reduce downtime as well as expenses for repairs and maintenance.

Rubber Curtains increase cabinet life. These free-hanging liners, made of black 1/8" neoprene and held in place with rubber knobs for easy replacement, actually last longer than steel in an abrasive environment. White rubber is also available to brighten the cabinet interior. Beyond protecting the cabinet, these curtains resist discoloration much longer than white paint on steel.

Window protectors can be provided in clear plastic or perforated screen to reduce clouding and pitting.

Matting is offered for turntables and cabinet floors to pad parts and prolong the life of steel support surfaces.

Pro-Finish systems with reclaimers offer a number of protective options:

  • Heavy-duty, media-conveying duct made of smooth-wall, wire-reinforced PVC for long service
  • Inlet wear-plate (easily replaceable) to protect the most vulnerable part of the reclaimer
  • Urethane coating that extends the service life of interior wear surfaces by five times
  • Ultra-wear lining, as an alternative, that increases normal service life by a factor of ten

Di-Carb® nozzles (tungsten carbide) are available for use with steel abrasives and glass beads, as are boron carbide nozzles for applications involving aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and garnet.

Norton Sandblasting Equipment can assist you in selecting the extended-wear components most beneficial in your air-blasting operations.

Media Control and Conditioning Options

For more efficient cycling of fine media, a vibrating screen can be added to the reclaimer on Pro-Finish suction systems. On pressure systems, Empire's automatic Sure-Flo media regulator, in combination with the MG-78 CR exhaust valve, can also be included to assure smooth, consistent operation. These devices overcome problems associated with very fine abrasives (200-300 mesh range), low-density media (e.g. plastics and walnut shells), and high humidity.

In addition, Empire's automatic Sure-Flo regulator conserves energy by retaining compressed air within the pressure vessel between shut-down and start-up.

Rubber Curtains, available in white to enhance visibility, protect the cabinet interior and are easy to replace.

Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide Pressure Nozzles
Empire MH-2 blast guns or pressure nozzles are available with tungsten carbide or silicon carbide to reduce wear with certain types of media.
Sure Flow Media Regulator

Automatic Sure-Flo media regulator promotes consistent media flow and reduces energy costs.

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