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Extractor Arms

Return clean air to your work environment.
Nederman filtration arms capture and remove caustic, toxic or irritating odors, dust, fumes, powders and mists from the work site before they can be inhaled or damage surrounding equipment.

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Dust and fume extraction is needed in many industries:Dust and Fume Extraction

  • welding
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical
  • medical
  • cosmetic manufacturing
  • museums
  • food manufacturing
  • agricultural
  • chemical
  • laboratory
  • machine shops
  • automobile manufacturing
  • fire stations
  • fiberglass fabrication

We supply a variety of arms to meet specific needs: electrically grounded, anti-static, corrosion resistant, telescopic, non-conductive, hygienic ( FDA approved ), or explosion-proof. There are various options for mounting, as well as hose reels, light kits, fan control, motor damper, and silencer accessories for some models.

Nederman Explosive ArmNederman NEX DX Arm

The Nederman NEX DX is ideal for working environments that contain explosive dust or explosive gases. It is supplied with a double-grounded antistatic hose that prevents static electricity and sparking in the air duct. The hose is easy to remove for cleaning or changing.

The Nederman NEX DX is EX approved in Zone 1/21 for conductive dust in accordance with ATEX directive 94/9/EC, Group II.

FDA approved ArmsNederman NEX D Arm

The Nederman NEX D is hygienically designed and effective "Capture at the Source" extractor. Grounded air duct minimizes dust collection on the inside of the hose. The enclosed support arm simplifies cleaning and prevents dust from penetrating the mechanical friction hinges.

The Nederman NEX D is equipped with a FDA approved hose and is EX approved for Zone 2/22, gas and dust, in accordance with ATEX directive 94/9/EC, Group II.

Corrosion ResistantCorrosion Resistant Arm

The Nederman corrosion resistant fume arms are specifically designed for use in pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries where corrosive environments may be present. All extruded and cast aluminum components are anodized by direct current in a bath of diluted sulphuric acid. During this electrolytic process, a layer of oxide forms on the aluminum between 10 and 25 microns thick. Each component is then dipped in a high temperature deionized water bath to close any pores and seal the surface. The arm is equipped with a stainless steel spring and a chemically resistant hose to ensure a long life in most applications.

TelescopicTelescopic Arm

The Nederman Telescopic extractor arm is designed for use in small areas over benches and in welding booths where fume extraction must be accessible, effective and easily adjustable. The spring-loaded arm, together with a balanced telescopic action, makes this extractor extremely easy to use even in confined spaces. The telescopic action is based on an adjustable balance block as a counterweight to the Telescopic arm. This means the hood always remains exactly where it its positioned. The lifting force of the balance block is easily regulated to suit your particular needs with an exterior knob near the flange.