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Wet Blasting

Flex Wet Blaster by Clemco® Ecoquip by Graco®
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Clemco’s all-in-one wetblasting system includes a 6 cubic-foot-capacity blast machine, 120-gallon water storage tank, and pump module mounted on a portable framed platform. The FLEX is engineered to provide high-performance blasting with maximum dust suppression.

  • Features an extended blasting pressure range of 5 to 120 psi.
  • Allow for frequent start/stop, maintaining lower blast pressure.
  • Comes with two injector assemblies (50mm Contractor thread), one that can be located at the metering valve, an alternate that can be located at the nozzle.
  • Blast Machine: Model 2448, 6 CF capacity, with 1¼” piping, built to ASME-code, National Board approved, rated 150 psi maximum working-pressure
  • Remote Controls: Pneumatic-type: Millennium Inlet Valve, TLR Outlet Valve, RLX Control Handle, Abrasive Cut-off, 52 ft twin-line hose, 52 ft ACS hose
  • Metering Valve: AQV AutoQuantum
  • WetBlast Injector Pump Module:
  • Pipe Injector Assembly: Contractor thread 50 mm x 1¼” entry or 1 ¼” thread and 52 feet water hose choose threading
  • Water Storage Tank: 120-gallon capacity

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EcoQuip systems use advanced technology to bring the blasting industry the first system that can be used at pressures as low as 30 psi (2.1 bar) for delicate surfaces like sandstone and limestone or as high as 125 psi (8.7 bar) for stubborn surface coatings.

Using a mixture of airflow, water and your choice of media, EcoQuip systems meet industry standards, involve little to no containment or cleanup and reduce 92 percent of airborne particles.

EcoQuip systems can remove splatters of bitumen, asphalt, concrete, chewing gum, paint and stucco from materials such as brick, roadways and concrete. EcoQuip Systems are also excellent for cleaning the equipment used for applying these materials. EcoQuip Systems are also well suited for cleaning mold, fungus, marine growth, leaching from the soil, and rust.

EcoQuip is the perfect tool for preparing surfaces for being painted or sealed, whether they need to just be cleaned or profiled for best adhesion.

  • Brick
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Antiques
  • Teak furniture
  • Industrial equipment
  • Asphalt roadways
  • Decks and patios

Vapor Abrasive Blasting:
A cleaner, easier path to profitable results

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Wet Blasting Additive to Prevent Flashrust

HoldTight® 102 salt remover / flashrust preventer is a one step additive that prevents flashrusting of wet abrasive and water-blasted iron and steel surfaces and of dry-blasted surfaces in a pressurized wash down. It effectively removes all salts, including chlorides, sulfates, phosphates, nitrates, etc., and other contaminants, including oil, grease, and blast residues. HoldTight® 102 salt remover / flashrust preventer is approved by most major coatings suppliers for use with most coatings. A number of studies of the proprietary compound that is the active ingredient in HoldTight® 102 salt remover / flashrust preventer have concluded that the material may be safely disposed of in sanitary sewers, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water without endangering aquatic life or otherwise compromising the environment.

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How wet blasting, also known as slurry blasting, wet etching, liquid abrasive blasting, and wet honing works:

You’ve mixed water with abrasive before. Think of pumice hand soap. The action is scrubbing. It works better than washing with just soap. Think parts washers.

Wet Technologies mixes abrasives and non abrasive medias such as glass and ceramic beads, and even plastics, with water. This is done with our own special, high volume, low maintenance pump in a closed loop stainless steel cabinet. The slurry is then discharged at a controlled and regulated velocity by nozzle(s) or other means at the part surface.

Unlike dry blasting or sand blasting, Wet Technologies wet blasting uses high volume water in the slurry to cushion the media. This mostly eliminates media imbedded into the surface.

Here are some examples of what the wet blasting can do when using:


ROUND MEDIA such as glass bead, ceramic, and metal shot. These slurries are used to clean, smooth, brighten, peen, and descale surfaces. Fine glass and ceramic slurries can also deburr some parts. Ceramic and metal shot slurries have longer life. When the slurry is heated, parts can be cleaned of light oils and scale, while leaving a bright or matt cosmetic finish. Applications range from aircraft component "N" scale wet peen, or wet peening, to aviation engine, landing gear, and automotive engine rebuilding.

ANGULAR GRIT MEDIA such as aluminum oxide, crushed glass, and steel grit. These slurries are used for aggressiveness. New machined components in the aircraft, automotive, marine, and semiconductor segments can be deburred. Coarse grit sizes are useful in engine rebuilding. Wet blasting with a coarse grit can remove heavy scale or descale, remove rust or derust, and at the same time remove light soiled oils or degrease parts.

FINE ANGULAR ALUMINUM OXIDE slurry can deep clean into the pores of surfaces. In the aircraft industry, Wet Technologies applications include deep cleaning new and used jet engine components to expose cracks, thereby making then accesable for liquid penetrate inspection or LPI. When composites are subject to wet blasting, wet etching leaves an even, clean, and abraded finish with fewer high peaks and low valleys than conventional dry blasting. The result is less resin is required to fill the voids, leading to remarkably strong bonding strength.

PLASTIC ANGULAR MEDIA slurry is used for removing flash or deflashing plastic parts, and paint stripping. The advantage: Wet Technologies systems can blast, closed loop rinse, and dry parts in one contained cabinet. Our closed loop rinsing and drying pass milipore testing, eliminating the need for several conventional machines