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Western Technology

Abrasive Blast Lighting

Western Technology’s Sandblast Lights are hose-mountable with high & low stanchions available to easily attach to blast hoses. We have air-cooled and no-air blast lights with LED and halogen options available.

Western Technologies 3400 LED series (Part Number WT3475-80) has continued to evolve over the years and has been quoted as “the brightest light I have seen” and “hold up well in blast rooms”. We also offer the field-repairable option with replaceable parts.

The process of sandblasting is always carefully monitored, and those doing the sandblasting always wear protective gear and use abrasive blast nozzle lighting. When done correctly, sandblasting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean and etch metal surfaces.

Increased visibility from lighting can help increase the precision, productivity and efficiency of your sandblasting jobs!

The Body Light

by Western Technology
Western Technology Body Light
Body Blast Light
Body Light