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Fume Extractor Kits By Nederman

Benchtop fume collector
Laboratory Fume Collector

NE-EK 500: A compact filter solution with a very low sound level. Air passes through an efficient filter with particle and gas filtration. 18 cfm

NE-EK 1000: Enables two simultaneous users to capture and filter the noxious fumes and gases that normally occur when soldering, gluing and working with solvents. 25 cfm

NE-EK 1500: A complete system for three users to capture and filter fumes and gases. Each arm is connected to the fan by a 10′ hose. 22 cfm

NE-EK 2000: A flexibile arm and adjustable hood creates a workplace with efficient extraction of fumes and gases. Airflow can be adjusted to suit different applications. The filter is disposable and the filter change is made dust free. 88 cfm

NE-EK 2500: Two adjustable arms and a flexible bench bracket provides two users to capture noxious fumes and gases. Correct air flow can easily be set with the help of the speed controller. 44 cfm

NE-EK 3000: An anodized aluminum and plastic arm with three adjustable joints is quickly mounted to effieciently absorb noxious fumes and gases. 88 cfm

Note: Each filter/fan weight is 18 lbs (19 lbs for the NE-EK 500). Sound level is 43 dB(A) for the NE-EK 500 model and 60 dB(A) for all other models. Filter efficiency DOP is 99.97% and voltage is 120V for all models. Optional hoods available.

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