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6 Cu. ft. Classic Blast Machine with 1 ¼” piping

Yard-portable, heavy-duty, industrial, single-chamber blast machine rated at 150 psi working pressure. Model 2452 has 1- 1/4 inch piping and holds 6 cubic feet of media (600 lbs expendable, mineral abrasive). This unit is equipped with FSV abrasive metering valve and TLR-300 remote controls.

High-performance, versatile blast cleaning system removes contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces. Produces a uniform surface texture, and creates a surface profile to increase bonding of coatings.

Yard portable, industrial-quality blast machines manufactured to ASME code.
• 1-1/4-inch piping allows up to 50 percent more air flow when compared with 1-inch piping.
• Industrial-quality valves, piping and fittingsdesigned to maximize air flow and minimize energy required to operate the system.
• FSV abrasive metering valve maintains smooth, consistent, adjustable media flow


1.5 cu ft., 3.5 cu ft, and 6.5 cu ft in stockSchmidt portable blasters
3 Packages to choose from!

Blast Pot Package Options:

1. Package A: The portable blasting vessel with pneumatic remote controls, ComboValve, MV2, 55-foot Twinline control hose, G2 Deadman control and moisture

2. Package B: Includes everything from Package A above plus 50-foot of blast hose with coupling, nozzle holder and Silicon Nitride long venturi nozzle.

3. Package C: Includes everything from Package B above plus RPB Nova 3 air-fed hood, 50’ air supply hose kit, and airline filter.

Includes Lens Packs:
NV3-722 Inner lens, pk of 10
NV3-724 Outer lens, pk of 50
NV3-725 Tear-off lens, pk 50

Schmidt® Thompson Valve II™
(TV II) Rebuild Kits

Sometimes we only need Seals (SM2152-000-98) for our Schmidt Thompson II Valves; however, make sure you closely inspect Valvethe Sleeve (SM2152-000-13) and Plunger (SM2152-000-07) for wear… buying these 3 items individually will cost more!

Buying a complete Tungsten Carbide Rebuild Kit (Part # SM2152-000-99) includes items above!

Thompson Valve II variety of sleeves

Did you know that there are different sleeves available for your Thompson II™ Valve?

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CLEMCO® PowerGun™
(Portable Suction Blaster)

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Clemco Suction Blaster imageThe Clemco® PowerGun™ is a suction blast tool designed for dry abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or the job is small. The tool is lightweight, compact and ideal where setting up a conventional pressure blast machine would be awkward or inconvenient.
The PowerGun™ can be used with all common media to clean or etch metal, clean masonry, etch glass, and other durable surfaces.

Requirements for Operation
These items are required but not included with the PowerGun™:

• Clean, dry, compressed air of sufficient volume to maintain pressure at the nozzle.
Volume of air will depend upon the application and desired production rate.

• Suitable NIOSH-approved air-fed helmet for respiratory protection for the operator,
as required by OSHA.

• Blast media as suitable for the application. The PowerGun™ handles most common
abrasives 12-mesh and finer, suitable for blasting. OSHA recommends against the
use of abrasive containing more than 1% free silica.

The optional heavy-duty plastic hopper holds and ample supply of media. The amount of media loaded will be Clemco Powergun picturedictated by the application and the location of the blast job.

• Lightweight, portable, easily transportable tool
• Can be used with any media container or right out of the bag
• Simple setup—partially submerge suction lance into bag of abrasive
• Easy to use and maintain

Popular Applications:
• Touch-up work or re-blasting areas that may have failed inspection
• Onboard ship
• On a scaffold or other elevated or difficult to reach location
• Small jobs