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EOS 1000 LQS

The Eos 1000 LQS adopts the particular Long Q-switch pulse length (100ns), specially designed and tested for the cleaning of the gilded bronze frieze of the Gates of Paradise, by Lorenzo Ghiberti, from the Baptistery in Florence. Since its initial application on this masterpiece, it’s use has now spread to a wide range of applications that make the EOS 1000 LQS an extremely versatile system for the restorers thanks, in part, to its small size and light weight. The EOS 1000 LQS is suitable for highly accurate cleaning of metal and gilded surfaces, frescoes and painted surfaces, wood, valuable stone artifacts. The laser beam is delivered through a 3 m (optional 10 m) optical fiber and a handpiece with variable focus.

Four Main Advantages in Using Laser Technology

  • Minimal invasiveness: the laser is characterized by the absence of physical contact between the instrument and the surface to be treated; it does not require the use of chemicals or of abrasive materials.
  • High degree of control: the removal of the degradation layer affects only a few microns thickness per pulse.
  • Selectivity: materials absorb the optic radiation of solid-state lasers (Nd:YAG) according to their color, which makes the action of the laser even more selective
  • High precision: the cleaning process affects only the area illuminated by the laser beam, which may be defined depending on the actual needs. There is no effect on adjacent materials.

Laser Restoration Videos:

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