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Schmidt® portable abrasive blasters (blast pots)

Schmidt® portable abrasive blasters (blast pots) are safe, high productivity systems designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media. Standard packages are available in 1.5, 3.5, and 6.5 cu. ft. sizes to match your application. The complete line of Schmidt parts and equipment is available through Norton Sandblasting Equipment. We also offer field training, in-house seminars, marketing materials, and service after the sale. Many parts and accessories are stocked in our warehouse.


• Designed to provide the industry’s lowest pressure drop, resulting in higher productivity
• Low maintenance design minimizes downtime
• Low profile and ergonomic design make abrasive loading easier
• Wheel clearance provides for greater stability when system is in use
• Metering valves and controls such as the , MV3™ (Micro Valve), TeraValve™ XL™, Thompson Valve II™, ComboValve™, and G2™ Deadman are available for precise control and increased efficiency.
• Loading skid protects valves and piping, allows for easier handling and transport to the job site
• Features Schmidt normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls for greater safety and performance
• 150 psi ASME code blast pot vessels
• Increased piping size

Mini Blaster 0.9 cu. ft.


  • Thompson Valve II abrasive metering valve
  • Auto air valve
  • G2 deadman
  • Manual pop-up and blowdown
  • 25′ twinline control hose
  • 25′ blast hose assembly
  • 1/8″ ceramic nozzle
  • Screen


Maximum working pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
Piping size: 3/4″

Blasting Productivity

Air volume and pressure are very important. The blasting production rate will increase with higher blasting pressures and decrease with lower blasting pressures. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers data suggests that 1.5% of production is lost for each 1 psi reduction in blast nozzle pressure.

Pressure drop through the blast unit itself is normally less than 1 psi with a Schmidt unit, although blast units manufactured by some competitors have pressure loss as high as 12 psi resulting in an 18% loss of production.

Air pressure loss can also be avoided by using the shortest possible hose of adequate size. The inside diameter of both the blast hose (other than the whip hose) and the air hose should be approximately three times the diameter of the orifice in the blast nozzle. Standard Schmidt blast units are rated for a maximum pressure of 150 psi.

SchmidtTM portable abrasive blasters are designed and manufactured with quality and ease of operation in mind. Taking in consideration such things as operator ergonomics and operator safety, we are sure you will find all SchmidtTM blasters your choice.

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