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FILTERCART is a compact and portable fume extractor unit featuring a built-in filter. It is an economic and flexible solution for maintenance and repair shops or for use during temporary welding operations requiring a complete fume extraction and filtration.

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Original Filtercart
Carbon Filtercart

Weight 194 lbs
(incl. Basic Filter 7 ft. Arm)

The automatic Filterbox is equipped with a Full Self Management Control System, monitoring every aspect of reliability, efficiency and maintenance, i.e. the current air flow and last clean. The filter is automatically cleaned when air flow falls below a preset, predetermined level. When cleaning is required, the system fan is also deactivated.

The cleaning is carried out by a motor turning the filter cartridge against the cleaning pads that carefully and gently dislodge the dust off the filter allowing it to fall into the Filterbox container.

When using the Filterbox together with heavy welding or dust processes, it is recommended that our Compressed Air Version is used. The filter is cleaned in the same way, however with the added benefit of compressed air forcing stubborn dust build-up to dislodge.

Weight: Approx. 143 lbs.
(excluding fume extractor, fan and silencer)
Material Recovery: 59% of the weight

The NE-FE 840/841 is the ideal solution for welding fume extraction where traditional evacuation is not possible. The units are very easy to bring along for service jobs in the field, as well as for welding inside containers or metal tubes where the constraint on the welder normally is high.

The portablility of the NE-FE 840/841 means you can do on-site maintenance and repairs and still have fume extraction.

Technical Description
Fume Eliminator 840
Manual start/stop 120V 50/60Hz
Part No. NE-70840125
Fume Eliminator 841
Automatic start/stop,filter indicator
Part No. NE-70841125
Voltage 120 V 50/60 Hz
Power 1000W / 1.3 hp
Airflow (with 8 ft hose) 88 cfm
Max. Vacuum 88 in. H20
Filtration Efficiency 99.7 %
Weight 35 lbs.
Sound Level 73 dB (A)
Dimensions 16″ H x 9″ W x 33″ L

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