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Clemco Blast Machines
Clemco blast machines the preferred equipment for industrial blasting and painting contractors. Moreover, Clemco blast pots are built tough to endure real-world use. For example, with wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, Clemco blast machines virtually eliminate downtime, so they spend more time at the job site; less time in the shop. Choose from 1/2-cu. ft. to 20-cu. ft. capacity, in portable or stationary models — blast machine only or machine system.

The Blasting Vessel

  • Heavy-gauge vessel—meets ASME code. (Most models registered in Canada.)
  • Semi-elliptical head—larger abrasive storage.
  • Conical 35˚ bottom—uninterrupted abrasive flow and complete emptying.
  • Large 6” x 8” inspection doors—ease of access to the interior. (Note: 0.5 and 1 cuft machines have smaller doors.)

Upgraded Components

  • Industrial-quality valves, piping, and fittings—maximize airflow and minimize energy usage.
  • Fast, safe TLR remote controls with solid brass valves—years of dependability.
  • Chrome-plated, forged-brass ball valve with brass body—increased durability.
  • Flexible pusher line—air flows without pressure loss caused by elbows and eases valve replacement.
  • Self-cleaning exhaust muffler—greatly reduces bleed-off noise.

Pop-Up Valve

  • Urethane-coated pop-up valve with external pressure sleeve—long life and fast pressurization.
  • Pop-up valve umbrella (optional)—relieves load pressure when the hopper is in place.
Clemco blast machines

Clemco Contractor Blast Machines
Clemco Contractor Blast Machines are tough, versatile, and reliable—which makes sense because they are built for blasting contractors who need equipment that works as hard as they do. Furthermore, contractors can’t be slowed down by unreliable, cumbersome equipment that is difficult to maintain. Clemco machines are mobile, easy to operate, and simple to maintain. Moreover, they are loaded with standard features that help you get jobs done. For example:

  • An integral, four-wheel, two-axle cart that makes these machines easier to maneuver, even with abrasive in the pot.
  • The cart is constructed from steel-tubing that protects all plumbing, is ergonomically shaped, and doubles as a skid.
  • An integral CPF breathing-air filter directly attaches to the rear of the machines and is protected by the cart’s tubing.
  • Connection points are conveniently located on the front leg of the machines, which simplifies hooking up the blast hose, remote controls, and breathing-air line.

Contractor Blast Machines come with 4-cuft or 6-cuft pressure vessels. Therefore the machines are ideal for rental yards and are especially useful for blast and paint contractors, as well as hundreds of other professionals.

Clemco Contractor Blast Machines

Clemco Bulk Blasters

  • 1.5” piping.
  • 150 psi working pressure.
  • 2:1 semi-elliptical head—provides more abrasive storage for maximum abrasive capacity.
  • Bottom of blast chamber eliminates dead space— freer flow of abrasive.
  • Flexible pusher lines and ball valves—simplifies air valve and metering valve maintenance.
  • Large 12″ x 16″ manway—permits access to pressure vessel chamber for maintenance service.
  • Vertically adjustable bolt-on hitch.
  • Hose support bracket—convenient blast hose storage.
  • Lifting eyes mounted on vessel—eases transport.
  • Union-type media shutoff valves—service individual metering valves while others are operational.
    • Generous clearance below vessel—accessibility for valve maintenance.
Clemco Bulk Blasters

Clemco Classic Blast Pot Packages

Clemco Classic Blast Machine Systems and the Norton “Special Packages” are available with two different vessel sizes 3 & 6 (cubic foot Vessels). Moreover, Clemco machines are built tough to endure real-world use. With wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, Clemco blast machines virtually eliminate downtime, so they spend more time at the job site; less time in the shop. Click here to view the PDF of our Clemco Blast Pot Packages

Beacon Light

Clemco Beacon blast light

The Clemco Beacon blast light is a powerful 860 – lumen LED light source to illuminate the work surface. Clemco Beacon blast light provides illumination of the work area to improve the visibility of the blast surface for the blast operator and enhance productivity. Therefore, it is ideal for poorly – lit areas or where natural light is absent. Moreover, the light module mounts either to the blast nozzle holder or to the blast hose, secured with cable ties. The rugged, cut resistant 18- gauge cable is tied along the length of the blast hose. A quick – change assembly allows easy lens replacement when abrasive rebound frosts the durable Pyrex® lens.

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