• Abrasives, Media, Grit

  • Abrading, Smoothing, Polishing Abrasives, Media, and Grit

View Abrasive Mesh Sizes Density lbs/ft³ Mohs No. of Cycles Dust Cost Cost/Use Typical Application Metal Removal
Baking Soda 60-170 60 25 1 High High Med Delicate peening, mold remediation,
historical restoration, paint removal
Dry ice 3 mm cylinders 98 NA 1 Low High Med Mold cleaning, specialized
industrial cleaning
Sponge 16-320 9-33 2.5-8.0 5-20 Low High Med Delicate cleaning, historical
restoration – heavy scale removal
Plastic 12-80 45-60 3.0-4.0 8-10 High Med Paint stripping, deburring, cleaning None
Glass Bead 30-325 100 5.5 8-10 Med Med Engine rebuilding, coatings
removal, surface preparation
Crushed Glass 30-400 100 5.5 1 Low Low Remove rust scale burrs paint and
contaminants, cleaning, surface
prep for adhesion
Ceramic Bead 60-120 150 800-1000 60-100 High Med Engine rebuilding, coatings
removal, surface preparation
Jetmag 16-150 84 6.5-7 3-4 Low Low Outdoor Blasting, rust removal metal,
aluminum, auto, stainless steel
Coal Slag 12-40 85-112 7.0-7.5 1 Low Med Outdoor Blasting, rust removal Low
Garnet 30-80 140-150 7.5 3-4 Med Med Outdoor Blasting, metal, aluminum Low
Aluminum Oxide 16-220 125 8.0-9.0 6-8 High Med Blast cabinet, cleaning, finishing High
Steel Grit 12-50 230 8.0 200+ High Low Blast rooms, cleaning, heavy scale
Steel Shot 10-80 280 8.0 200+ High Low Cleaning, peening, airless blasters,
wheel machines

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