Abrasive Blast Systems

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Abrasive Blast Products

Blast Rooms

The core of any modern abrasive blast system is the blast room. Confining the blasting operation to a controlled, clean environment enables efficient abrasive recycling. Well-designed blast rooms consist of an amply lit work area, an abrasive reclaim floor that begins the recycling process, an abrasive transport and separation system that removes trash while returning clean abrasive to the blast tank and a dust collector for keeping the environment clean and contaminant free.

Reclaim Floors

We offer a variety of reclaim floor designs and room configurations. We design blast room facilities uniquely tailored to meet the economic and production concerns of our customers.

Dust Collector

The dust collector is an essential component of an abrasive recycling system. It removes small particles and contaminants from the abrasive media and cleans the air in the room for particle emission pollution compliance.

Standard Equipment

All Abrasive Blast Systems come equipped with several state-of-the-art standard features.

Optional Equipment

We offer a variety of optional blast room equipment further enabling flexibility in meeting your blasting requirements.

Portable Equipment

We offer a self-contained abrasive reclaim system that includes an integral elevator, separator / classifier, dust collector controls and abrasive storage hopper. Rugged tubular steel frame construction enables easy transport to the work location. We also offer custom engineered portable units.

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