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Reduce Noise.

Improve Performance. 

PRO Quiet Nozzle

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Saber Blast Nozzle

Increase Production Speeds Up Tp 50%

Increase Abrasive Velocity 

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Venturi Nozzles

Yields about a 40% greater production rate than straight bore nozzles.The internally tapered design of the venturi nozzle accelerates and evenly distributes the abrasive over the entire blast pattern.

Short Venturi Nozzles

T121 Series

Special Venturi Nozzles

Straight Bore Nozzles

Straight bore nozzles are made for close range spot blasting. With small blast patterns and little overblast, they are good for cleaning small areas: weldments, grillwork, and railings.

Aluminum Oxide

C1 Series

CL198 Series

Tungsten Carbide

T109 Series

T198 Series

Angle Nozzles

Excellent for getting inside tight places like bridge lattice, behind flanges or inside pipe. Featuring long life blast outputs between 0° and 125° relative to the input openings.

Tungsten Carbide

T045 Series

T090 Series

Boron Carbide

Banana Series

Wet Blast Nozzles

Simple, patented solution for high production, wet abrasive blasting that can be used with your existing pressure blast equipment.