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  • Ecoquip by Graco®

EcoQuip™ Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment by Graco©

Ecoquip by Graco | EcoQuip is built entirely of heavy-duty stainless steel crash frames to withstand the toughest conditions and provide years of solid service and a Three-year extended warranty (see product manual for specific warranty details).

Ecoquip by Graco | Attributes:
Consumes less media * Eliminates up to 92 percent of airborne dust * Saves on clean-up and disposal costs * A quick and powerful alternative to dry blasting * Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures * Works on virtually any surface * Won’t damage substrates * Works with all job-appropriate media * Effective in rain and high humidity
Better than slurry and traditional water-based blasting
Uses far less media * Uses far less water * No toxic wastewater runoff * No large slurry mess to clean up * Adjustable to a wide range of blast pressures * Effective in virtually any application environment
Handles most every application type
Graffiti cleanup * Paint layer removal * Marine coating removal * Rust and corrosion removal * Industrial coating and lining removal * General metal, stone and wood cleaning * Lead and asbestos abatement * Building and site maintenance * Monument and artifact restoration * Roadway marking removal * Architectural stripping and cleaning


Ecoquip 2 EQm-

Compact, fully portable entry level unit.
With its built-in hand truck, slide rails and convenient lifting eye, the patented EQm design facilitates easy portability. It fits in the bed of most standard pickup trucks. The EQm can accommodate any abrasive heavier than water and, when coupled with an air compressor that can produce 165-375 cfm @ 100+ psi, the EQm blasts from 30-120 psi (2-8.3 bar).
It’s a tough worker, capable of handling any type of project, from cleaning to surface preparation.

Ecoquip 2 EQs and EQs Elite–

EQs Portable, mid to high production unit
The EQs is a standalone unit designed to tackle most typical blasting projects. It works with a standard compressor (185-375 cfm) and fits inside a six-foot truck bed. The EQs is built according to tough standards, with user-friendly convenience and safety features. It’s also sized to stack safely in a warehouse

EQs Elite Portable, high production unit
Built to withstand the toughest working conditions, the EQs Elite is a high-production standalone unit to tackle your largest, most demanding projects. It requires an air compressor at 375-600 cfm and features the same user-friendly features as its smaller version, the EQs. It fits inside a six-foot truck bed for easy transport to the jobsite and also stacks easily to conserve warehouse space.

EQ200t and EQ400t

Mobile, self-contained units
The mid to high production EQ200t andhigh production EQ400t are self-contained and always ready to go. The EQ200t is great whether you’reworking light restoration or removing stubborn industrial coatings. The EQ400t is ready to handle the toughest of applications. Both are designed to be as compact as possible for maneuverability on the jobsite.

They are built with safety-inspired features and quality components for maximum, long-lasting reliability. Both are fully self-contained with their own trailers, engines and compressors.