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Empire Vacuum Recovery System (VRS)

Empire’s Vacuum Recovery Systems (VRS) quickly and economically recover media to all Empire SuperBlast® portables, as well as other pressure blast pots with diameters of 18, 24 or 30 inches. These pneumatically powered systems convey as much as 140 pounds of A-36 aluminum oxide per minute— more than 8,000 pounds an hour—up a nine-foot lift with 200 cfm of air at 100 psi. Standard models, using only 100 cfm, are available for less demanding applications.

Empire Vacuum Recovery Systems feature rugged welded construction and a durable finish.
• Storage hopper with viewing window
• High-velocity Venturi head
• Two-inch adjustable carburetor
• Floor-load hopper with trash screen
• Two-inch inlet and outlet connections
• Options are available for “pull-chain”

Empire’s Vacuum Recovery Systems fit smoothly with all SuperBlast portables and most other pressure pots with diameters of 18, 24, or 30 inches. VRS works with “pullchain” pots, too. Floor hopper, including a trash-removal screen, facilitates media recovery on work sites and within custom blast enclosures. Hopper may be recessed in pit for sweep-in collection of abrasives.

* Minimum 100 cfm air source required.
* Blast pot sold separately

Floor hopper and trash-removal screen, may be used on the floor or recessed below the floor.

Empire’s Vacutrans™, a high velocity venturi head, enables retrieval of media at rates exceeding 8,000 pounds per hour. Optional silencers and exhaust-hose extensions are available for sound attenuation.

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