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M-Series™ Multi-Media Blaster

The Schmidt® M-Series blasters add flexibility to your blasting operation. These multi-media units can be used with a wider range of abrasive media than standard blasters, including sodium bicarbonate, aluminum oxide, plastic, glass beads, crushed glass and even steel grit. Use a single system for all your jobs—from cleaning surface grease and oil to stripping rust or paint. The M-Series can achieve the surface profile you need because you have the ability to use the abrasive best suited for the job.

Armex™ Blast Media

  • Maintenance Formula
  • Maintenance Formula w/SupraKleen™
  • Maintenance Formula XL
  • Maintenance Formula XL w/SupraKleen™
  • Flow Formula M
  • Flow Formula XL
  • Other formulas also available.

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