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Vacu-Blast™ Blast & Recovery System (BRS)

The Schmidt® BRS is designed to maximize the use of a wide range of recyclable abrasives, including steel grit, to remove coatings and corrosion when cleaning steel or concrete surfaces. Blast and recover simultaneously, or blast and then vacuum abrasive independently. Eliminate dust clouds, poor visibility and costly, time-consuming cleanup. Ideal for sensitive jobsites, indoor blasting, building restoration, lead or asbestos abatement, bridge and road maintenance, barge and ship cleaning, and more.


  • Blast where open-air blasting is prohibited, or is not possible or practical
  • Portable or skid-mounted 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cu. ft. models
  • Pneumatic or optional electric remote controls
  • Blast pressure regulator with bypass piping allows blasting at lower pressures
  • Urethane eductor (pneumatic vacuum pump) with 150, 225, 350 or 440 CFM nozzle
  • Cyclonic dust separator/media reclaimer
  • Dust collector (dry or dry-HEPA) with automatic pulse jet to prevent clogging
  • Easy, quick-open hatches for access to cartridges and filters
  • Optional differential pressure gauge (dust collector)
  • Moisture separator and media vibrator for smooth, even flow of abrasive
  • TVII abrasive metering valve (urethane sleeve)
  • Tungsten Carbide TVII sleeves available
  • Optional adjustable air wash for improved media cleaning
  • Optional remote abrasive cutoff for cleaner start/stop
  • Optional electric vacuum available

Vacu-Blast™ Blast & Recovery System II (BRSII)

A heavy duty, portable system designed for contractor use. Higher productivity than our standard BRS, with heavy duty, high capacity components for blasting, vacuuming and dust collection.


Pressure Vessel:
13.5 CF 30″Ø ASME Sect VIII coded pressure vessel rated for 150 psig
Standard Schmidt 3 3/4″Ø pop-up w/ spider
90° cone bottom
(2) 6” x 8” Handways
Blast Controls:
(2) 1-1/2 Thompson Valve (polyurethane sleeve) w/ Automatic air valve & union end ball valve
Pneumatic deadman controls w/ 55′ twinline
Combo valve blowdown
Hopper/Reclaimer: 3
0″Ø 10.5 CF above pressure vessel
Turnbuckle Hold Down for easy removal
30” Plate Flange cover
10ӯ Spider/Pop-up Access door
6ӯ Screen Access door
Vibrating screen w/ 1/4″ perf
Adjustable air wash Secondary Cyclone:
20″Ø rectangular entry design
Hi-efficiency design to reduce loading of dust collector
60° cone bottom w/ 4″ camlock drain
Dust Collector:
48”Ø vessel w/90° cone bottom
8ӯ Dust drain w/butterfly valve
(4) Four cartridge design (4 paper filters included)
23” x 30” door for easy access to all cartridges
(2) 8ӯ Pulse piping access hatches
Automatic 120VAC pulse controls with (4)Four Goyen pulse valves
Magnehelic gage for filter sensing
(1) Cast iron eductor 550 cfm
(1) Hi-attenuation blower silencer (approx 85dB)
Miscellaneous: Inlet air moisture separator
Skid mounted with side fork pockets
Standard Schmidt blast, prime and paint white
Options Available:
Electric Controls (per outlet) (specify voltage)
Remote Abrasive Cutoff Pneumatic (per outlet)
Remote Abrasive Cutoff Electric (per outlet)
+Shipyard Lifting Frame
20 CF 36″ dia. vessel (dished bottom)
10 CF Double Chamber w/ Combo Probe
*40 HP Electric Vacuum Blower
*50 HP Electric Vacuum Blower
*40 HP Diesel Driven Blower
Dual Eductors

Mini Vacu-Blast™ Blast & Recovery System (Mini BRS)

The Schmidt miniBRS is a compact and easily maneuverable abrasive blasting system that blasts and then recovers spent abrasive, contaminants and dust in the same step, eliminating the need for containment. The system can also be used to blast and then vacuum abrasive independently.
It handles a wide range of recyclable abrasives with ease, including steel grit. It is designed to deliver powerful performance over a range of blasting pressures, operating on just a 185 cfm compressor. The operator can blast and recover at up to 200 feet away from the miniBRS.
An ergonomic design, lightweight yet durable blast head and system-matched hoses make this system especially easy and comfortable to use. This greatly reduces operator fatigue and provides higher productivity.

Features and Benefits:

  • 150 psi-rated, 0.3 cu. ft. pressure vessel with integral media screen
  • Blast pressure regulator
  • 75 cfm eductor (pneumatic vacuum pump)
  • Airwash reclaimer
  • Secondary cyclonic dust separator
  • Dust collector with polyester filter cartridge
  • Differential pressure gauge on the dust collector to alert operator to clean filter
  • Blowdown wand for cleaning filter
  • 25′ by 1/2″ blast hose assembly
  • 25′ by 2″ vacuum hose
  • Blast and recover head assembly with No. 3 nozzle

About the miniBRS:

The miniBRS is designed to blast and vacuum recover abrasive media for reuse, reducing or eliminating the need for containment. The system can blast and vacuum abrasive independently, or blast and vacuum at the same time (closed circuit). Abrasive is contained in the pressure vessel for blasting. After or during blast operation, the abrasive is recovered in the reclaim hopper using the system’s vacuum. Small particles are carried by the vacuum air stream through the reclaimer, through the secondary cyclone and then into the dust collector. The reusable abrasive is retained in the abrasive reclaimer and drops to the bottom of the reclaim hopper. Large particles (paint chips, etc.) are trapped by the abrasive screen. Abrasive is reloaded from the reclaim hopper for reuse when the blast vessel is depressurized.

Additional Features:

  • Complete system includes everything needed to blast, recover contaminants and handle dust and debris. Just add abrasive and compressed air
  • Quick set-up. Compact and easy to move
  • Lightweight work head reduces fatigue and helps ensure correct positioning of the blast head against the substrate
  • System-matched, small diameter blast and vacuum hoses are lighter and easier to handle
  • Includes the industry-leading TVII abrasive metering valve, ComboValve and Auto Air valve
  • Easy-access port to remove large debris from screen
  • Optional electric deadman blast controls feature the G2E deadman


  • Blast pattern: 3/4″ to 7/8″ using a No. 3 nozzle
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 psig at 250° F (10.3 bar at 121° C)
  • Blast hose size: 25′, 1/2″ diameter hose
  • Vacuum hose size: 25′, 2″ diameter hose
  • Electrical requirements: 12 VDC (for optional electric deadman blast controls)
  • Abrasive capacity: Blast vessel – 0.3 cu. ft. (8.5 L) Reclaim hopper – 0.3 cu. ft. (8.5 L)
  • Vacuum system: Pneumatic vacuum pump (eductor)
  • Dust collector filter: 6″ diameter, dry poly-bond
  • Weight: 335 lbs/152 kg; 450 lbs/205 kg with controls
  • Dimensions: 60″ H x 22″ W x 34″ L