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  • Clemco Predesigned Blast Booths (PDQ)

Clemco PDQ TM blast rooms are pre-designed for quick quotation and delivery turnaround

Blast Rooms | PDQTM rooms are designed to slash the cost and delivery time typically associated with a specially-engineered blast room. Without compromising quality, every room configuration has been engineered with the same commitment to durable form and function that we put into our custom rooms. We use the same 10-gauge galvanized steel wall panels, high-output fluorescent light fixtures, industry-leading recovery systems, and high-performance dust collection for both designs. Because PDQTM rooms feature standard components, they are available for quicker delivery at a cost significantly lower than a custom-engineered room. You can take advantage of the economies offered by a PDQ room when your work site configuration fits within the constraints of this system.

Quick Quotation Turnaround

Norton Sandblasting Equipment’s knowledgeable staff will evaluate your needs and offer a quotation for a system that fits your purpose.

Enclosure Size Choices

The size constraints are simple. Your room can be either 10-feet or 12-feet wide. If one of these widths will work for your project, the next consideration is height. Ten-feet-wide rooms are available with an 8-ft, 10-ft, or 12-ft ceiling height. The basic minimum room size is configured to be 10 feet wide by 10 feet long. A room may be extended to any length in increments of 3 feet 4 inches by adding one or more room extension kits.

Twelve-feet-wide rooms are available with a 10-ft or 12-ft ceiling. These rooms are pre-configured to be a minimum of 12 feet wide by 16 feet 8 inches long. With 3-feet 4-inch room extension kits, these rooms too can be extended to any length.

All PDQTM rooms offer you a choice of work doors on one end only or on both ends. For work doors on both ends, a pit-mounted recovery system is required. All PDQTM recovery systems are for partial-area floor recovery.

PDQTM Blast RoomsRecovery System Choices

Clemco offers two basic recovery types: pneumatic or mechanical systems. The appropriate type will depend upon your application and the blast abrasive you elect to use. The pneumatic system is a perfect choice for customers using lighter-weight media, such as plastic, glass bead, or fine aluminum oxide. Mechanical systems are for heavier abrasives, such as steel grit.

Pneumatic Recovery

Our pneumatic recovery floor features our exclusive sweep-in M-Section®, a trough of hoppers evacuated in series by the vacuum created by the dust collector. The M-Section® floor is installed across the width of the room along the back wall with a 45-degree shed plate or can be placed into a pit if desired. Paired with a 900 cfm media reclaimer, the M-Section® can be powered by a dedicated single-cartridge CDC-1 or dual-cartridge RPH2 dust collector. Alternatively, it can be powered by a multi-cartridge CDF dust collector that shares the duty of ventilating both the reclaimer and the room.

Mechanical Recovery

Mechanical sweep-in recovery systems include our belt recovery floor or two models of hopper recovery. The Belt Recovery and 3 x 3 Hopper Systems require pit excavation. On sites where a pit is impossible due to a high water table or is otherwise inconvenient, Clemco offers a 2 x 2 Hopper System that is surface-mount shovel-in-style versus sweep-in-style. All Clemco mechanical recovery systems employ a bucket elevator and air-wash abrasive cleaner.

Reverse-Pulse Dust Collection

Room ventilation is performed by a Clemco CDF dust collector. Rooms that are 8 feet in height are paired with a CDF6 6,600 cfm 20-HP dust collector. Rooms that are 10 feet and 12 feet in height are paired with a CDF8 8,800cfm 25-HP dust collector. All PDQTM rooms are designed for industry-standard ventilation rates.

Blast Machine Package

PDQTM rooms are offered with a 6 cubic-foot-capacity stationary industrial blast machine package. Each machine is built to ASME code, and is rated 150 psi. The machine features 1-1/4-inch piping, pneumatic remote controls, and 1-1/2-inch moisture separator with automatic drain, coupled SupaTM blast hose, and 3/8-inch-orifice carbide venturi nozzle.

Media Storage Hoppers

M-Section® systems with pneumatic recovery have a 6-cubic-ft-capacity media storage hopper that mounts atop the blast machine. Mechanical recovery systems feature a 10-cubic-foot-capacity hopper above the 6-cubic-ft blast machine.

Control Panel

Standard electrical control panels are offered for 230-volt or 460-volt service for on/off functions of the recovery system, abrasive cleaner, dust collector, and lighting.

Operator Safety Equipment

Providing a safe work environment for the blast operator means protecting him or her with an OSHA-required, NIOSH-approved supplied-air respirator. Safety equipment accessories are offered with PDQ rooms and can include our exclusive Apollo 600 model respirator, a carbon monoxide monitor/alarm, a heavy-duty blast suit, and leather gloves.


Rubber wall curtains for side walls, LED light tubes, blast machine with 60-degree slope for lightweight media, reclaimer rubber liners, hopper stand to feed two blast machines, dust collector fan silencer, dust collector ducting kit.