Schmidt/Axxiom Valves & Controls


Thompson Valve II XL (Extended Life)

1-1/2″ with Tungsten Carbide: SM2153-008
1-1/4″ with Tungsten Carbide:

The new Thompson Valve II Extended Life (TVII XL™) is the latest innovation in the industry-leading Thompson® Valve line. It is engineered for maximum durability and life in the harshest applications, performing best when used with the most aggressive abrasives such as aluminum oxide and steel grit. No other valve offers the performance and durability of the TVII XL. Tests indicate that service life is extended up to five times for dramatically minimized down time, all while maintaining the Schmidt® standard of precision abrasive metering the Thompson Valve line is renowned for.In addition to the life-extending design upgrades, the valve’s ergonomic improvements make the TVII XL the most advanced and most easily maintained metering valve available.

  • Improved Virtual Position Indicator (VPI) gives operators a 1:1 size relation to valve orifice
  • Control system signal ports relocated for easier access when valve is in place
  • Heavy duty castings with extra material in high wear areas
  • Redesigned piston is recessed for added spring stability, keeping valve actuation quick and smooth
  • New clean-out plug design has straight threads and face seal for an air tight seal, no Teflon necessary
  • Two improved seals, down from three, to reduce friction
  • Advanced sleeve design with internal wiper to prevent dust migration and mechanical binds; unique geometry allows easy removal

TeraValve XL

Part Numbers:

SM2130-005 – 3/4″
SM2130-006 – 1″
SM2130-007 1-1/4″
SM2130-008 1-1/2″

The new TeraValve™ abrasive metering valve is revolutionary in its ability to provide high performance, pressure hold blasting at a cost-effective price point. It is the result of a new approach in thinking, combined with the tradition of Schmidt® expertise in design and manufacturing. The TeraValve is diaphragm activated, simplifying overall operation and maintenance. The new Schmidt extended life (XL™) technology is incorporated for durability and long life, even when the valve is used with harsh abrasives. The compact size fits easily onto low clearance blast pots or blast cabinets without modification, making it easy to convert automatic blowdown pots to a more efficient and productive pressure hold system.

•Compact design: Easily retrofit Microvalve® pots without vessel modification
•Upgrades pressure hold blast cabinets
•Utilizes the Schmidt® XL™ technology to better withstand aggressive (Aluminum Oxide)/ dusty abrasives
•Diaphragm actuated valve is highly dust tolerant
•Longer life than standard the classic Thompson® Valve and TVII™
•Disassemble easily even after extended use
•Fine-tuned, precise abrasive metering
•Includes our best performing cleanout port
•Rugged, corrosion-resistant stainless valve body

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TeraValve XL Conversion Kit

Part Numbers:
1-1/2″ with Tungesten Carbide: SM0009-082
1-1/4″ with Tungsten Carbide: SM0009-072

Pressure Hold Conversion Kit
Install a Schmidt® TeraValve™ Conversion Kit on your blast pot and immediately see the productivity, abrasive efficiency and low maintenance benefits of pressure hold versus traditional non-pressure hold blast pots
  • Compact design: Easily retrofit MicroValve® pots without vessel modification
  • Upgrades pressure hold blast cabinets
  • Utilizes the Schmidt® XL™ technology to better withstand aggressive (Aluminum Oxide)/ dusty abrasives
  • Diaphragm actuated valve is highly dust tolerant
  • Longer life than the classic Thompson® Valve and TVII™
  • Disassemble easily even after extended use
  • Fine-tuned, precise abrasive metering
  • Includes our best performing cleanout port
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant stainless valve body
  • Virtual Position Indicator (VPI™) provides a visual representation of abrasive flow setting so metering is simple to set and maintain

Micro Valve 3 (MV3)

Part Numbers:
1-1/2″ Urethane Sleeve: SM2128-108
1-1/4″ Urethane Sleeve: SM2128-107

The Schmidt MV3 (Microvalve III) abrasive metering valve is the newest innovation in the family of industry leading Schmidt abrasive metering valves. The MV3 offers the proven productivity and safety advantages that Schmidt valves deliver to abrasive blasting operations through the precise metering of abrasive, along with an extended the service life, an improved clean out port, and easy access to wear components for safe, efficient maintenance. Note: The MV3 can be a direct replacement for the MV2, with no need for modification.


  • Service life is extended by enhancements, including:
    – Stainless steel machined body
    – Abrasion resistant steel base
    – Thick rugged steel mounting nipple
  • Overall valve design enhances maintenance efficiency by controlling downtime while delivering precise control of abrasive flow
  • Flanged style cleanout provides easy access to and removal of debris
  • Virtual Position Indicator (VPI™) under the knob allows for quick and consistent abrasive flow setting to optimize productivity
New Style

G2 Deadman Control

Part Number: SM2263-002

The Schmidt G2 Deadman control has all the features and
benefits most asked for by blast operators. The G2 offers an unbeatable
combination of operator safety, unmatched performance, rugged durability and dependability.

• Made from impact resistant materials that stand up to abusive conditions
• Response time reduced by over 30%
• Redesigned airflow reduces signal delay on long hoses
• Made to connect quickly and correctly every time
• New reversed hinge minimizes jams caused by dirt and debris
• Larger lever takes 67% less force to depress
• Can be changed easily for right or left hand operation

  • Longer lever provides optimal leverage, making the deadman easy to depress and hold comfortably in the “on” position.
  • Handle and button design allow operator to flex and relax hand position for better comfort while blasting, retaining safety while preventing unwanted shutoff.
  • Curved body follows hose contour and provides a better fit to the blast hose.
  • Easily adjusted for left or right-handed use.
  • Wide port spacing for easy twinline connection.
  • Visual markings and different size fittings help ensure a correct connection.
  • Body and handle position are “reversed” to prevent dust and contaminants from getting under the handle when moving the blast hose assembly.
ComboValve Does Double Duty


Part Number: SM2223-000

Replacing the Need for Two Valves

The ComboValve is a normally closed, self sealing, fail-safe valve that combines the functions of the air inlet valve and exhaust valve, eliminating premature failure of the exhaust system. It is controlled with either pneumatic or electric remote controls. None of the usual wear or failures found in other blowdown systems can occur with a ComboValve. The ComboValve eliminates the need for abrasive traps, expensive plungers and diaphragms that can cause frequent, unscheduled and costly downtime.
“ One Less Valve is The Advantage”
“ The ComboValve reduces costly downtime”

  • One valve does the job of two
  • Simple design is easy to disassemble and maintain
  • Rugged corrosion resistant construction
  • For safety, spring maintains valve in off position until activated by operator
  • Uses common ¾” 4-ply blast hose for exhaust
  • Extended length exhaust hose can be used to port exhausted air to any desired location
  • Assembled by Axxiom technicians with Schmidt experience
  • All Axxiom valves undergo a thorough quality check before they are shipped