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(Media, Grit, Sand)
Media Chart (aluminum oxide, steel shot, steel grit, glass, garcom, coal, plastic, sponge, Jetmag, baking soda, ceramic and more.) Information includes mesh sizes, density, metal removal, dust, cost, and more. How to make an anchor pattern.
Airless Blasters Blast solutions for industrial and automotive industries. Vibratory blasters, parts cleaners, head and block blasters, tumble blasters, structural and pipe blasters. Clean parts to bright metal finish. Deburr, polish, buff. Clean grease and grime. LS Industries.
Baking Soda
(Soda Blaster)
Accustrip™. M-Series™ Multi-Media. ARMEX™ media. Environmentally friendly without damage to substrate. Strip rust, paint, carbon, coatings and more from masonry, wood, plastic, aluminum, composites, etc. Mold remediation. Graffiti removal. Fire damage cleanup.
Blast Cabinets Empire® Blast Cabiinets. Learn the difference between Suction Blast Cabinets and Pressure Blast Cabinets. Air requirements charts. Pro-Finish™ Cabinets. Ergo-Blast™ Cabinets. Fastrip™ Cabinets. Econo-Finish™ Cabinets. ProFormer™ Cabinets. Reclaimers and dust bags. Clemco® blast Cabinets.
Blast Rooms Many types of blast rooms and reclaim floor designs (Single Cross Auger, H-Floor, U-shaped Recovery, Full Recovery Floors.) Turnkey systems, retro-fit, portable, dust collection. Empire’s PRS Pneumatic Blast and Recovery and VRS Vacuum Recovery Systems. Clemco®. ABS®. Empire®.
Couplings Many types and sizes: Standard couplings (Q), Full port (QX), Tank couplings (SB), Nozzle Holders (NH), 50mm Nozzle holders. Aluminum, brass, nylon, plated iron. Charts with sizes and measurements. Gasket, QD blast coupling (SBG).
Dry Air Moisture can reduce media flow, make flow uneven, damage equipment, or contaminate surfaces. Schmidt® (Axxiom) AirPrep™ Aftercooler, Air Dryer Systems, and Moisture Separators. Eliminex™ filters. Eliminizer™ dryer. Remove moisture to save time and money with blast projects.
Dry Ice Blasting Dry Ice blasting is non-toxic, non-conductive and non-abrasive. No blast material residue, solvents or hazardous materials. Ideal for electro-mechanical equipment and molds. IceBlast® KG30S, KG50S specs. FAQ- (43 questions) how it works, storing and using dry ice, etc.
Dust and Fume Collectors Dust and fume collection systems both large (6K-50K cfm electric or diesel) and small (bench top for Universities, laboratories, food processing, etc) Flexible arms, vehicle exhaust, welding fumes, soldering, gluing, solvents, dust, pigments, metal fumes, grinding dust.
Laser Cleaning Speed and precision in the removal of paint, stains, coatings, contaminants, mold, oxide. Used for historic restoration, tool cleaning, surface roughening, weld pretreatment, and selective removal. Low operating cost. Mobile and fixed units. Metal finishing.
Nozzles Nozzle blast chart: nozzle sizes and air requirements. Long and Short Venturi. Ceramic inserts. Water induction nozzle, 45 and 90 degree angled nozzles. Construction may include Tungsten Carbide, brass, polyurethane, aluminum and other materials. Saber Blast nozzle.
Parts Nova 2000™ Helmets, Schmidt® portable blasters, Empire® Cabicoms, MBX™ brush belts, couplings, Key style valves, blast suits, gloves, and nozzles. Our database contains thousands of parts… most are not online, so please call if you don’t find your part.
Portable Blasters Schmidt® Axxiom blasters and packages, valves and controls: Deadman Control, ComboValve™, Microvalve™, MV2™, Thompson Valve™, TVII™. Valve FAQ. Blast Chart. Schmidt® parts diagrams. M-series blaster. Productivity information. VBS Retrofit. Clemco® Portable blasters.
Power Tools MBX™ Blaster Tool and Bristle Blaster: surface treatment for removal of undercoatings, seam sealers, mesh, corrosion, rust, paint, and vinyl decals. Mini-Flushplate hand held descaling tool. Walk behind descaling equipment. Needle scalers. Rotary peening tools. Sanders.
Nova 2000™ Blast Hood & Nova 3™ Helmet by RPB® Respiratory. Breathing Air CO Monitor for Radex™. Blast Suits (leather /canvas or nylon/ canvas). Sandblasting gloves. Nova reusable/ disposable respirator hood for painters and chemical workers. Portable air line CO Monitor.
Sponge Blast Systems Sponge-Jet™ Media Feed Units and Classifiers. This dry, low dust process requires minimal containment. Reusable Sponge Media contain different sizes and grades of abrasives (or none) for use on surfaces ranging from the toughest to the most sensitive.
Vacuum Systems Nortech® compressed Air-Powered drum vacs. Vector® Technologies vacs for the removal and transport of petrochemical products, sand, activated carbon, fly ash, roofing rock, liquids, waste water and slurries. VecLoader Titan™ Series. VecLoader Spartan II™ trailer mounted vacs.
Wet Blasting Used for industrial (pipe, valves, hydraulics), marine, graffiti, cleaning, and restorations. Wet blasting is also known as slurry blasting, wet etching, liquid abrasive blasting, and wet honing.
Rental Equipment Features and specifications for some of our rental equipment: Dust Collector- 20,000 cfm Diesel, Dust Collector- 12, 000 cfm Diesel, Titan™ M-2 Vacuum, Schmidt® 160 cu. ft. Blast Pot, VecLoader Titan™ H.P. 616 Diesel Vac, Sponge-Jet® “B-Vac”