• Air Hose Couplings

2-LUG – Female (NPT) National Pipe Thread

½” – Part Number: AM3 (Buy Online)

¾” – Part Number: AM8 (Buy Online)

1” – Part Number: 505782 (Buy Online)

2-Lug Chicago Coupling

4-LUG – Female (NPT) National Pipe Thread

1-1/4” – Part Number: SM4211-107 (Buy Online)

1-1/2” – Part Number: SM4211-108 (Buy Online)

2” – Part Number: SM4211-109 (Buy Online)

2-LUG – Male (NPT) National Pipe Thread

¾” – Part Number: AM7  (Buy Online)

1” – Part Number: AM12  (Buy Online)

2-LUG – Hose End

¾” – Part Number: HE0340 (Buy Online)

1”- Part Number: HE100 (Buy Online)

4-LUG – Hose End

1-1/4”- Part Number: HE125 (Buy Online)

1-1/2” – Part Number: HE150 (Buy Online)

2” – Part Number: HE20 (Buy Online)

Coupling, Chicago, 3-way, 2-lug  Part Number: TWC (Buy Online)

4 Lug to 2 Lug Air Hose Adapter

Part Number: 4X2 (Buy Online)

Gasket- Chicago QD (2-Lug)

Part Number: QCG  (Buy Online)

Gasket- 4 Lug Crowfoot Connector for Air Hose
(Sold Online in Packs of 5 – 4211-999)

Part Number: SM4211-999 (Buy Online)

Safety Clips
Sold Online in Packs of 20

Part Number: SC (Buy Online)

Safety Clips

Whip Checks (Safety Cable, Plated Steel)

Whip Check For 1″ – 2-1/2″ Hose Diameter  – Part Number: WC (Buy Online)

Whip Check For 1/2″ – 1″ Hose Diameter  – Part Number: WC-1  (Buy Online)

Whip Check For 1-1/2″ – 3″ Hose Diameter  – Part Number: WC-2  (Buy Online)

Whip Check Safety Cable

Air Hose – 1-1/2″
50 feet
4-Lug Couplings
Part Number AH150X50

Air Hose 1-1/2"

Air Hose – 3/4″
50 feet
2-Lug Couplings
Part Number: AH34X50

Air Hose 3/4"

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