• RPB® Nova Talk™

  • Wireless Communication Helmet

The NOVA TALK SYSTEM is a wireless communication system by RPB Respiratory which has been designed to enhance the blasting experience, raise the level of safety and further increase the productivity already provided by the Nova 2000.

Greater Standard of Safety
Maintain contact with your crew at all times. The Nova Talk is ideal for applications such as tanks, shipyards, water towers or any site where the operators are out of sight or not easily accessed. Utilize communication to enhance staff training.

Increased Productivity
The ability to communicate while blasting increases productivity, reducing downtime to a minimum. With the Nova Talk, the operator can continue blasting while communicating.

Superior Operator Comfort
The Nova Talk head set is encased in the pillow foam padding of the Nova 2000 so there is no change to the comfort that has made the Nova 2000 the World’s Number One!

The Nova Talk system is compatible with many radio systems. Radio not included. Contact Norton Sandblasting Equipment for a list of compatible Radio Models.

Push to Talk

The large Push to Talk (PTT) is a sealed unit which is intrinsically safe. It has a large button that is designed for easy activation. The PTT is mounted on a belt clip which swivels 360° so its position can be easily adjusted for ease of use and comfort.

Also Available: Upgrade Kit
NV09-800 to upgrade your
Nova 2000 to a NOVA TALK

Tech Specs:
Conforms to UL STD 913: Certified to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 157
Water Poof and Dust Tight
Sealed Cable Glands and Strain Reliefs

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