Schmidt® MV2™ Micro Valve II

1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ Urethane

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The Schmidt® Thompson Valve II™ is a next-generation Thompson Valve designed to provide the ultimate in metering performance. It is a normally closed, self sealing, abrasive metering valve with instant, smooth response to either pneumatic or electric deadman controls. This fail-safe valve shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank at the same instant. A remote abrasive cutoff is available, allowing the operator to stop the flow of media while continuing a constant flow of air. This provides a quick and easy way to clear the blast hose and blasting area of abrasive. The Thompson Valve II is ideal for multiple outlet use and is easily adaptable to most existing blasting systems. A lower overall profile allows more room between valve and blast pot for easy access.

The MV2 raises the standard set by the MicroValve by providing the operator with a reliable state-of-the-art abrasive metering valve that is both easier to use and maintain. Less frequent and easier maintenance translates into significant operator savings for any air blast job.

  • Bosses on base make alignment of bolt holes between the body and base easy
  • VPI (Virtual Position Indicator) enables metering of abrasive easy and precise
  • Rebuild kit can be installed from bottom side of valve while mounted on vessel
  • Base is forged hardened steel for long life
  • Internal porting promotes better abrasive flow and extended life of internal components
  • Cleanout feature allows removal of obstructions while installed on vessel
  • Pressure bypass improves abrasive flow and reliability
  • Easy plunger removal and installation with standard tools
MV2 (Micro Valve II)
Shop Now SM2127-107 MV2 Valve Assembly, Urethane 1-1/4″ & 1″
Shop Now SM2127-108 MV2 Valve Assembly, Urethane 1-1/2″
Norton Part No. Description
SM2127-100-98 Replacement Parts Kit, Seals Only
Shop Now SM2127-100-99 Replacement Parts Kit
SM2127-000-01 Knob
* SM7011-005-060 Socket Head Cap Screw, 5/16″ x 1″ Self Sealing
SM7010-507-06 Hex Bolt, 3/8″ x 1″ Lg.
* SM2127-000-05 Plunger
Shop Now SM2127-000-06 Body
* + SM2149-500-06 Plunger Seal
* + SM2127-100-08 Polyurethane Sleeve
* + SM2127-000-15 Gasket
Base, 1-1/4″
Base, 1-1/2″
SM7027-503-02 Flat Washer, 3/8″
* + SM2127-000-12 Ball
SM2127-000-13 Orifice Indicator Decal
SM2127-000-14 Cleanout Ball Valve Adder
SM2401-505 Ball Valve, 3/4″ Full Port
SM3006-105 Street Elbow 90°, 3/4″ Galv.
SM3037-105 Pipe Cap, 3/4″ Galv.
* Included In Replacement Parts Kit
+ Included In Replacement Parts Kit, Seals Only