Filter Cartridge for Radex Air Filter – APF-3100

Filter Cartridge for the Radex Breathing Air Filter (NV04-900)

Part Number: NV-APF-3100 (also referred to as APF3100, APF-3100) Airline filter

Replace regularly to ensure cleaner breathing air when sand blasting.

This item usually ships in a separate box.

Breathing Air Filter Replacement

We find that many folks are unfamiliar with the breathing air filter used to provide air to the sandblast hood.
Typically, a single cartridge is mounted inside a small pressure vessel or canister.  The cartridge contains 3 stages of filtration; desiccant, which absorbs moisture; paper or cotton to absorb oil aerosols; and activated charcoal to absorb noxious odors. If any one or more of these elements become saturated, the filter ceases to function properly.
There is no way to set a specific “lifetime” or expiration time on a filter, due to the widely varying conditions and frequency of use.
The filter cartridge should be inspected weekly or more often depending on usage and the conditions of the air system in which the Airline Filter is installed. The filter cartridge should be replaced after a period of 3 months based on a 40 hr week. The filter cartridge must be replaced immediately if the following exist:

  • The presence of odor and or tastes in the air being supplied to the respirator.
  • Presence of moisture at the outlet fittings.
  • Large pressure drop across the filter.

Also, note that your Breathing Air Filter DOES NOT REMOVE CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) OR TOXIC FUMES. Carbon monoxide alarms, monitoring devices or removal devices must be used in conjunction with your Breathing Air Filter.
Remember: Your Breathing Air Filter is LIFE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT! Improperly maintained respiratory equipment can lead to illness or death!

Online Price: $66.57

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