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Blast Rooms – The Basics

Blast rooms are available in many sizes and configurations.

In general, a blast room consists of an enclosure, control panel, pressure vessel, blast equipment (nozzle, couplings, hose, safety controls), media reclaimer, pressure blower for media recovery, dust collector for abrasive recovery, media conveying duct, media recovery hopper, media storage hopper and blast booth ventilation. Operator safety equipment is also required for blast operation.

Prefabricated / Pre-Engineered / Pre-Designed
Pre-engineered and prefabricated blast rooms offer quick delivery turnaround and cost savings. Pre-made blast rooms are typically available in 8-ft to 15-ft widths with 8, 10 or 12 foot ceiling heights and lengths as long as 31.5 feet. Blast booth enclosures can be equipped with mechanical (typically used for heavier media) or pneumatic recovery hoppers (best suited for lighter weight abrasives.) Some predesigned systems can be purchased as a package that may include a drain, hose, piping, nozzles and/or some accessories.

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Blast Rooms

Blast equipment options include rubber wall side curtains, reclaimer liners, hopper stands, fan silencer, cartridge dust collector for media reclaim, sound attenuator\dampener, extension kits, rubber floor mats, and ducting kits. Additional options include pit-mounted floor trough, externally replaceable wear plate for reclaimer, drive through and/or 60% crane-slot part loading, and automatic dust cartridge cleaning. There are options to help keep the abrasive media clean and dry to prevent clogging the nozzles, downtime and to ensure the media can be used efficiently for all the cycles it is rated to last. Operator safety equipment include air conditioning, Co air monitor, personal air filters, rugged gloves and coveralls.

Custom Designed Blast Rooms
Custom options may be needed for special blasting circumstances or environments. There are many ways to customize your blast room design. Custom Robotics can enhance the precision, efficiency and speed of your blasting projects. There are many options to enhance production efficiency and safety, as well as meet unique space and environmental constraints.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY Blast Rooms)
Do it yourself options are also available if you want to build your own blast room! We can help you with creative ideas and the parts you will need to design and build your own blast room.

We Can Help!
Let the expert staff at Norton Sandblasting Equipment work with you to find the best fit for your projects and budget. We understand your commitment to safety and environmental compliance and we offer the right equipment to meet these needs. We know that ALL the costs-  the initial purchase, production costs as well as ongoing maintenance matter in choosing a blast room. Let us help you meet these long-term productivity goals and make your blast room investment the right choice for your business.

Please be sure to comply with all OSHA safety precautions during any blasting jobs!
Norton Sandblasting cares about your comfort and safety… ask us about air-fed hoods, heavy duty blast suits and gloves, worker safety alarms, blast suit knee pads, breathing air filters, worker communication options, toxic gas detection, heating or cooling breathing air, head socks and do-rags, and safety glasses.