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The Blasted News: Dry Ice Blasting

The Blasted News: Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a relatively new form of blasting that most have heard of, though few are familiar with it. The most advantageous aspect of dry ice blasting is the savings to you. The typical operator sees a dramatic increase in productivity and an equally impressive cost drop. With this blasting, dry ice pellets are accelerated by a jet of compressed air, similar to a typical blast. However, the difference is that this firing method is more delicate than the sledgehammer approach to conventional blasting.

This blasting incorporates well into almost every type of industry, though the food service and mold remediation industries have taken advantage in the early stages of the technology. It has proven ideal in reducing salmonella and other food-borne diseases.

Medical, semiconductor, and printing industries are finding cost savings with dry ice. It is ideal for cleaning machinery and replacing cleaning methods that use hazardous chemicals or dangerous solvents.

Dry ice blasting offers many advantages over conventional blast methods. These include lower air pressure requirements, reduced and more straightforward maintenance, improved production, and lower operator fatigue. Further, you have no environmentally damaging chemicals and no clean-up of grit.

In addition to the assets mentioned above, it can quickly blast into environments typically inappropriate for traditional methods. For example, if you use dry ice in a molding injection facility, grit doesn’t become trapped in corners, and nothing is left on chains and drives. It is non-abrasive, so surfaces are handled gently, and wear and tear from using steel brushes, scrapers, and the like is avoided.

Many nozzles are available for virtually any job you might face, including ninety-degree angled nozzles.

It’s not often we find a technology quite versatile and helpful simultaneously. If you’d like to see how this performs on your blasting issues, call us at J.H. Norton, and we’ll arrange your demonstration. Also, see Blast Cabinets. and Abrasive Blast Rooms.

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