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Welding Smoke and Fume Control

Welding Smoke and Fume Control

Welding Smoke Fume Control – Welders, health organizations, and management are all becoming increasingly concerned with the effects of welding smoke and fumes in the workplace. In addition, management is becoming increasingly conscious of the costs of absenteeism and reduced productivity resulting from illness caused by polluted air.

There is little doubt that welding is one of the industry’s leading causes of in-plant air pollution. However, many companies are unaware of the potential health risks inherent in welding and the unnecessary expenses incurred with many common control systems.

Norton Sandblasting Equipment supplies a variety of dust collectors and fume collectors to meet nearly every need, from bench-top filtration of fumes and gases from glue, solder, smoke, and solvents to capturing air pollution from welding fumes, grinding dust, pigments, powders, and metal oxides. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you to the equipment that fits your needs and budget.

• Single or simultaneous multiple-user systems
• Quiet, compact, and portable systems
• Various flexible arms and hood options
• Adjustable airflow

We’re leading in automation and robotic technologies. Moreover, we offer quality commercial sandblasting equipment for sale at affordable prices. Above all, we sell industrial blast equipment and replacement parts from industry leaders such as RPB® Nova™Schmidt® AxxiomEmpire®Clemco®, Monti® MBX™Sponge-Jet®Nederman®, and Adapt Laser®.

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