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Filter, Breathing Air with Regulator, CPF-20 – 03578

Particulate filter for breathing air supplied from a compressed air source. Features pressure regulator, mounting bracket for floor or wall mounting. CPF-20 services one or two operators. The CPF filter remove mists, including oil mists, water vapor, and particulates greater in size than 0.5 micron

REQUIREMENTS FOR OPERATION: Compressed Grade D quality breathing air

DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION: The CPF filter is placed in the breathing-air line between the breathing-air source and the respirator supply hose. The CPF is the point of attachment for the respirator hose. Air enters the filter through one of the inlet ports. Moisture is removed by expansion in the outer chamber and is drained through a petcock at the bottom of the unit. The air passes through a replaceable filter cartridge. The outlet pressure is controlled by a regulator on the cap and is measured by a gauge downstream from the cartridge.

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