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  • Deadman Switch, G2E Electric, Without Plug, Schmidt – 2263-402

Deadman Switch, G2E Electric, Without Plug, Schmidt – 2263-402

SKU: SM2263-402


• Electric controls are recommended for hose lengths 150 feet or longer
• Same comfort as the G2 pneumatic deadman
• Military spec, high cycle rugged electric switch
• Specially designed, 150-lbs pull test cord
• Improved jacketing of the cord protects against fraying

Norton Sandblasting Equipment is now JH Norton Company, Inc
Celebrating 50 years! 1973-2023


Online Price: $208.00

Introducing the G2E Electric Deadman Control – the ultimate solution for enhanced blasting control and comfort. With its extended lever for effortless operation, this control ensures easy depression and secure “on” positioning. The redesigned handle and button configuration accommodate varying hand positions, optimizing comfort without compromising safety. The contoured body seamlessly follows hose contours, offering a superior fit. Left or right-handed adaptability is simple, and the wide port spacing enables easy twin line connection. Visual markers and distinct fittings simplify correct setup. The innovative reverse body and handle placement thwart dust and debris intrusion during hose movement. Elevate your blasting experience with the G2E Electric Deadman Control.

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