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  • Schmidt/Axxiom Thompson Valve II XL, 1-1/2″ Tungsten Carbide, Extended Life – 2153-008

Schmidt/Axxiom Thompson Valve II XL, 1-1/2″ Tungsten Carbide, Extended Life – 2153-008

SKU: SM2153-008
  • Improved Virtual Position Indicator (VPI) gives operators a 1:1 size relation to valve orifice.
  • Control system signal ports relocated for easier access when valve is in place.
  • Heavy duty castings with extra material in high wear areas.
  • Redesigned piston is recessed for added spring stability, keeping valve actuation quick and smooth.
  • New clean-out plug design has straight threads and face seal for an air tight seal, no Teflon necessary.
  • Two improved seals, down from three, to reduce friction.
  • Advanced sleeve design with internal wiper to prevent dust migration and mechanical binds; unique geometry allows easy removal.

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Online Price: $1,917.00

The new Thompson Valve II Extended Life Valve (TVII XL™) is the latest innovation in the industry-leading Thompson® Valve line. It is engineered for maximum durability and life in the harshest applications, performing best when used with the most aggressive abrasives such as aluminum oxide and steel grit. No other valve offers the performance and durability of the TVII XL. Tests indicate that service life is extended up to five times for dramatically minimized down time, all while maintaining the Schmidt® standard of precision abrasive metering the Thompson Valve line is renowned for.In addition to the life-extending design upgrades, the valve’s ergonomic improvements make the TVII XL the most advanced and most easily maintained metering valve available.