Hood, Nova 3 with Cool Air Tube and XXL Blast Jacket – NV3-703-55

Nova 3 Blast Hood with Cool Air Tube and XXL (Extra Extra Large) Blast Jacket

Part Number: NV3-703-55

Visibility has been at the forefront of the Nova 3 design process. The superior operating window optimizes peripheral vision and allows for 30% more downward vision than other respirators on the market. The ratchet padding system provides a customizable fit and molded side pads absorb sound, protecting against hearing loss. Its unique helmet design distributes eight evenly across your head and shoulders, keeping the center of gravity low, eliminating top heaviness, and relieving you from aches and strains on your neck. With the unique (optional) cassette lens system, you can experience an optically clear field of view at all times. An Allen key located inside the headtop is the only tool required for all part replacements. Streamlined air deflection system distributes air across your breathe zone and across the lens to prevent fogging.

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